Dynasties of Ethiopia
(2255 BCE to 936 BCE)

Lineages of Ethiopian kings and queens from the same family or historical settings respectively.

Dynasties of EthiopiaThe dates partially follow the information given in the Lineage of Ethiopian Monarchs taken from the book In the Country of the Blue Nile, 1927 by C. F. Rey who received the information from Tafari Makonnen.
The information is in fact a little difficult to find accurate.
Especially the circumstance that all these dynasties as well as the respective kingships within them do not overlap as would be expectable in any real genealogy makes it all just seem too 'clean'. Also the missing distinction between Abyssinian and Kushitic royal lines limits the credibility of the information.

In the Abyssinian and Kushite Dynasties the prenomes Qadamawi, Dagmawi, and Salsawi are often used to signify "the first", "the second" and "the third". These numbers are not integral part of the respective name. Line of Habassi (2111-1511) Agdazyan Dynasty (1978-960) Piori 2 (1526-1511) Dynasty of Menelik (BCE) (960-17) Dynasty of Menelik (CE) (17-307)

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