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10th and 11th Dynastiesview
18th Dynastyview
19th Dynastyview
All Dynasties of Egyptview
Hellenistic Periodview
Kings named Osorkonview
Late Periodview
New Kingdom kingsview
Old Kingdom of Egyptview
Predynastic Period of Egyptview
Middle Assyrian Periodview
Third Dynasty of Babylonview
Zagros and Persia
Kings of Mitanniview
Rulers of Mediaview
Kings of Aram-Damascusview
Kings of Byblosview
Kings of Sam'alview
Kings of Tyrosview
Phoenician kings of Byblosview
Rulers of Hamathview
Rulers of Ugaritview
Biblical history
Divided Monarchy of Israelview
Judges eraview
United Monarchyview
United Monarchy of Israel + pharaohsview
Lydian rulersview
New Kingdom of Hattiview
Rulers of Phrygiaview
Greece and Aegean
Archons of Athens, perpetualview
Kings of Spartaview
Pelasgian rulers of Creteview
Kings of Romeview

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