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 Mesopotamian archeologyTimothy Kelley
"The Eridu temple"

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In Sumerian literature Eridu was located on the sea as found in a cuneiform chronicle of Shulgi, the king of Ur. Although there is no sea nearby, it is believed that the city was on the shore of a marsh which occured when the banks of the Euphrates flooded. Also, geologists believe that the sea level in the middle of the forth millennium BCE could have been three meters higher than it is at present.

There are several religious texts found which have relation to this. According to the legend of creation found at Sippar, Eridu was the first city to be created when all the land was sea.

The chief god of Eridu is Enki, the god of wisdom and strength, who became the god of subterranean sweet waters. He saved the lives of the young gods by slaying the father of all gods, Apsu, and established on his slain body his spacious abode which he names Apsu, which is the name of the temple at Eridu.