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 A Virtual Exploration of the Lost Labyrinth

 Ancient Egypt
History & Chronology

 Ancient Egypt Online
A site dedicated to the peoples of Ancient Egypt. They did not call their home 'Egypt' (that name is based on the Greek pronunciation of the name of Ptah's temple in Memphis - 'Hwt-ka-Ptah'), instead they referred to it as Kemet (or Kem - the black land) or Ta Mery the beautiful land).

 Ancient Egypt Site

 Digital Egypt for Universities
Vast collection of useful information about ancient Egypt.

 Egypt Exploration Society
The Egypt Exploration Society was founded in 1882, as the Egypt Exploration Fund in order to explore, survey, and excavate at ancient sites in Egypt and Sudan, and to publish the results of this work. Today it is one of the leading such archaeological organisations.

 Egyptian Gods and Godesses

 Egyptology Online
distance learning and home study courses in Egyptology

 JSesh Project
A free Hieroglyphic editor and Java library for processing Egyptian Hieroglyphs

 Tell el-Daba-Homepage

 Theban Mapping Project
Website about the extensive archeological effort to map the whole area around Thebes and the Valley of the Kings with all its temples and tombs.