Iunu (Heliopolis)

City in the southern Nile delta, center of the Egyptian sun cult.

One of the earliest, richest, and most influential of theological traditions, centered in Iunu, was summarized in the concept of the Ennead, the group of nine gods that embodied the creative source and chief forces of the universe (though this number was not always nine; at some times it was as few as five, and other times as many as twenty or more; and often, the traditional Ennead includes a tenth god, Horus the Elder). By the beginning of the Old Kingdom that system had been formulated into a coherent philosophy, and it dominated Egyptian thought for the next three thousand years. Creation was viewed as an evolutionary process. However, it was recorded in typical Egyptian metaphors of birth rather than in abstract scientific or philosophical terminology.

Greek Heliopolis. Biblical On.
Named after the E-anna of Uruk.

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