Timeline of ancient history
(all dates according to the New Chronology)

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1450 bceEgypt Dudimose becomes king of Egypt
1444 bceEgypt Dudimose dies, remnant of 13th Dynasty rules from Itj-tawy
1022 bceEgypt Amenhotep 4, later named Akhenaten, becomes co-ruler of his father Amenhotep 3
1012 bceEgypt Amenhotep 3 dies
May09Phoenicia Ugarit Eclipse at sundown
1011 bceEgypt Nefertiti becomes co-ruler of her husband Akhenaten, she is now pharaoh Ankhkheperure Neferneferuaten
1007 bceEgypt Akhenaten dies in Akhetaten, Tutankhaten becomes co-ruler of Nefertiti who now rules as pharaoh Ankhkheperure Smenkhkare
1000 bceEgypt Nefertiti dies in Akhetaten
998 bceEgypt Tutankhamun dies and is succeeded by Ay
990 bceEgypt General Horemheb becomes co-ruler of Ay
987 bceEgypt Ay dies, Horemheb starts to rebuild Egypt by boosting the military and completing the restoration of temples
963 bceEgypt Horemheb makes his already aged vizier Pramesse co-ruler (Ramesses 1) because of the latter's vigorous son who he sees as the best possible successor
962 bceEgypt Horemheb dies
961 bceEgypt Ramesses 1 dies, his son Seti becomes pharaoh
943 bceEgypt Seti dies and is succeeded by his son Ramesses 2

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